Expand Your Living Space With Ease

Hire our home addition contractors in San Angelo, TX

It's official - you're growing family is getting too big for your home. Rather than going through the hassle of selling your place and moving to another home with a higher mortgage, contact Moonlight Construction LLC. Our crew can build spacious room additions on the ground floor, or we can add upper levels to your home in San Angelo, TX.

Take advantage of our home addition services today. Call 325-240-8163 to schedule an appointment with our contractors.

Choose a room that fits your needs

Not sure where to get started with your home addition project? Consider building a:

  • Home office where you can focus on your work without any distractions
  • Game room where you can host fun game nights with your family and friends
  • Workshop where you can follow your passion for woodworking, crafting or tinkering
  • Garage where you can store your vehicles and lawn care equipment out of the elements
  • Theater where you can make popcorn and watch your favorite rom-com or action thriller

We can also build bedrooms, wet bars and storage buildings. Reach out to us today to schedule reliable room addition services.

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